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Mii Names
Player ID
88/250 bronze - 24/250 silver - 1/250 gold


Track Time Date Vehicle
Abyssal Ruins02:33.5442016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Alpine Circuit - Normal02:51.0202016-10-07Mach Bike (Luigi)
Alpine Mountain03:19.3592016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
ASDF_Course01:52.2342016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Aura Metropolis03:28.8102016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Autumn Forest - Normal03:20.0682016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
BassBasher City - Normal02:48.0402016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Blackrose Castle - Normal03:03.0492016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Blue Loop - Normal01:56.5992016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Bowser's Fiery Fortress03:11.3202016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Calidae Desert03:43.8502016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Candy Mountains02:18.3112016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Canyon Run - Normal03:51.0442016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Castle of Darkness03:45.8172016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Castle of Time - Normal04:18.7272016-10-07Mach Bike (Luigi)
Celestial Ruins03:18.2092016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Citro's Wedding Altar - Normal02:27.4542016-10-07Mach Bike (Luigi)
Colour Wonderland03:40.0242016-10-07Mach Bike (Luigi)
Comet Starway02:19.6042016-10-21Spear (Funky Kong)
Concord Town02:57.8622016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Cookie Village02:04.1352016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Crystal Dungeon02:30.6242016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Delfino Island04:20.2072016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Desert Castle Raceway03:55.8272016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Disco Fever - No-shortcut03:14.2912016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
District 6503:32.5882016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
DK Ruins02:38.3902016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
DKR Jungle Falls01:28.0222016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Dreamworld Cloudway03:47.8062016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Dryland Hills01:49.3642016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
DS Airship Fortress03:19.1982016-10-07Mach Bike (Luigi)
DS Figure-8 Circuit01:48.2502016-11-18Mach Bike (Luigi)
DS Tick-Tock Clock02:04.6622016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
DS Waluigi Pinball - No-shortcut03:09.3942016-10-21Spear (Funky Kong)
F-Zero Big Blue02:11.2002016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Fire Palace01:46.4142016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Fishdom Island02:22.8342016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Forsaken Mansion04:55.7492016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Galaxy Base03:11.2682016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
GBA Boo Lake01:58.3232016-10-21Spear (Funky Kong)
GBA Bowser Castle 403:42.2022016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
GBA Broken Pier01:51.6292016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
GBA Peach Circuit01:55.0392016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
GBA Rainbow Road (2)02:46.4762016-10-21Spear (Funky Kong)
GBA Ribbon Road02:35.2512016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
GBA Sunset Wilds02:26.7992016-10-07Mach Bike (Luigi)
GCN Dry Dry Desert02:03.2192016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
GCN Mushroom Bridge01:53.1632016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
GCN Wario Colosseum02:57.0742016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
GCN Yoshi Circuit02:18.0192016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Green Loop01:53.8322016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Green Park - Normal02:10.5042016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Headlong Skyway03:47.3022016-10-07Mach Bike (Luigi)
Hell Pyramid03:42.5042016-10-07Mach Bike (Luigi)
Horror Mansion02:45.5552016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Icepeak Mountain - Normal02:14.7772016-10-07Mach Bike (Luigi)
Incendia Castle - No-shortcut04:12.3412016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Infernal Pipeyard03:18.4052016-10-21Spear (Funky Kong)
Item Fireland02:56.9402016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Kartwood Creek02:28.2052016-10-21Spear (Funky Kong)
Kirio Raceway - Normal02:28.2182016-10-07Mach Bike (Luigi)
Lakeside Hill02:05.2732016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Lost Fortress03:54.2522016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Lunar Spaceway04:14.1082016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Mansion of Madness04:03.0082016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Melody Sanctum - Normal04:37.7802016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Melting Magma Melee04:04.6712016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Misty Ruins03:03.6892016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
N64 Banshee Boardwalk03:14.5982016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
N64 Luigi Raceway02:12.6552016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
N64 Royal Raceway - Normal03:37.8772016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Neo Koopa City02:45.9802016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Nostalgic Bowser's Castle02:58.3542016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Pipe Underworld03:33.5982016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Piranha Plant Pipeline02:32.1572016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Punch City - Normal04:11.1602016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Rainbow Road: Solar Edition04:18.1482016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Red Loop02:21.4892016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Retro Raceway02:05.3332016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Rock Rock Ridge03:12.1202016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Rooster Island03:27.5782016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Rosalina's Snow World - Normal03:15.9312016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Rosalina's Starlight Coaster03:47.1782016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)
Rush City Run03:31.1992016-11-18Mach Bike (Luigi)
Sacred Fogcoast01:57.9732016-10-21Mach Bike (Luigi)