CTWW STATUS: 31 players across 7 rooms.

RoomNumber of playersHost's VRUp TimeJoinableParticipants
Room 14 players9935 VR4:49YesPlayer, EB☆, :], KAI
Room 28 players8163 VR3:53Yesξρι©♪™, Elias, Funky Kong, Drεω, UML, James, a pyronk, Player
Room 34 players8764 VR1:30YesJosh™, Mo taz, Mommy :), Mo Jos
Room 42 players5430 VR1:12YesMii, Berkut
Room 52 players6351 VR44 minutesYeskartmom, Andy
Room 66 players5011 VR30 minutesNoseth, Dodo, Prateek, ndré, Carlo, Emilio
Room 75 players5124 VR21 minutesYesNichole, Mary, Keenan, Brayden, BRETT

COUNTDOWN STATUS: 3 players, all in 1 room.

RoomNumber of playersHost's VRUp TimeJoinableParticipants
Room 13 players8323 VR25 minutesYesNyanMan_7κ, MrHax :D, ★Cιτrμs

Other CTGP statistics:

  • Players on CTWW: 31
  • Players on Countdown: 3
  • Most ever players in CTWW at once: 108
  • Most ever players in Countdown at once: 55
  • Most ever CTWW rooms at once: 15
  • Most ever Countdown rooms at once: 7
  • Longest ever logged CTWW: 220 hours, 28 minutes
  • Longest ever logged Countdown Room: 237 hours, 27 minutes
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