Time Trials

2022-02-08: Due to a security vulnerability on a previous version, Time Trials set before 2022-02-08 with 'My Stuff' enabled will no longer be accepted to the leaderboard, and all Time Trials set before 2022-02-08 will only be accepted until 2022-02-15. Time Trials set on the newest version of CTGP will always be accepted. Apologies for the inconvenience!

As of June 2016, CTGP Revolution now supports the Time Trial feature of Mario Kart Wii. Racers complete a course alone as fast as possible using at most three mushroom items. All Internet-enabled CTGP Revolution users now automatically upload ghost data for any time trials they complete. The fastest times for these attempts are recorded on these pages and can be downloaded and reviewed in game from the CTGP Revolution Channel. We have 4076935 records from 65027 different racers from around the world across 29395 leaderboards!

Most Recent Records

Top five most recent fastest times on CTGP Revolution's Custom Tracks as well as the original tracks in Mario Kart Wii. A team is uploading videos of custom track records to a YouTube channel called CTGP Records.

CTGP Revolution

  1. BaldCanton
    beat Mystic Tangle in 02:09.573 on 2022-08-11.
  2. Ω Willγ
    beat GBA Rainbow Road in 02:20.916 on 2022-08-10.
  3. Booshi
    beat Wolf Castlegrounds (Glitch) in 01:54.279 on 2022-08-10.
  4. Clément☆XR
    beat DS Airship Fortress (Glitch) in 01:45.626 on 2022-08-09.
  5. gg go next
    beat Six King Labyrinth (Shortcut) in 03:12.128 on 2022-08-08.

Original Tracks

  1. Jongωσσ
    beat Koopa Cape (Normal) in 02:17.361 on 2022-08-08.
  2. Kasey
    beat GBA Shy Guy Beach (Normal) in 01:21.451 on 2022-08-08.
  3. Flαg P
    beat Koopa Cape (Glitch) in 02:10.809 on 2022-08-05.
  4. Glιτch J
    beat Dry Dry Ruins in 01:46.841 on 2022-07-30.
  5. RR K4EDE
    beat Rainbow Road (Normal) in 02:24.502 on 2022-07-28.

CTGP Revolution Time Trialing

Time Trials have been enhanced as part of CTGP Revolution. All times are automatically categorised by CTGP Revolution to differentiate between glitched, shortcut and no-shortcut time trials. CTGP Revolution also calculates the finish time of ghosts much more accurately than Mario Kart Wii, allowing rankings ties to be broken. CTGP Revolution also features 'staff ghost records' for every track, that provide a fun challenge for anyone to beat. The 'expert staff ghost data records' are intended to be significantly harder to beat than the ones in Mario Kart Wii. CTGP Revolution also improves the interface to ghost replays in-game and also allows the saving of thousands of ghosts.

Categories - Glitch vs Shortcut vs No-Shortcut

Mario Kart Wii features a prominent glitch in its code which allows players to complete a track using and unintended route. Every track has a sequence of invisible checkpoints which are used to determine who is in first during a race. Of these checkpoints, a few are marked as 'key checkpoints'. In order to complete a lap, the player must enter all of the key checkpoints in numerical order, before returning to the start line. A mistake in the game's code means that it is possible to skip crossing many of these key checkpoints if the player can get back to the final key checkpoint of the lap without crossing the start line backwards. This glitch is possible on many original tracks such as Wario's Gold Mine, Mushroom Gorge and Grumble Volcano. When Time Trialling on CTGP Revolution, a player's time will be automatically categorised as a 'Glitched' time if they trigger this bug at any point during the race. These are placed on separate leaderboards so that both glitched and non-glitched times can be fairly compared to other similar times.

Separately from the start line glitch, several tracks feature shortcuts which are commonly referred to as glitched shortcuts often because they involve the character travelling 'through' walls. An example of this is Bowser's Castle or N64 DK's Jungle Parkway. These bugs do still cause the player to travel through all of the key checkpoints, but they are almost certainly not an 'intended' route around the track. For that reason, these are automatically categorised by CTGP Revolution as shortcut time trials and any time trial which does not use such a route is classified as no-shortcut. These are also placed on separate leaderboards so that they can be fairly compared to other similar times.

Database API

There is a simple, read-only, undocumented JSON API to the ghost database available at tt.chadsoft.co.uk/index.json.