07CACF65465D324DF8B35DE533AD34A16D83B143 Leaderboard

The fastest lap times recorded on 07CACF65465D324DF8B35DE533AD34A16D83B143 by CTGP-Revolution users as of 2022-06-05 20:20 UTC. There are 1 unique players represented across 1 records. The CTGP-Revolution track ID for this course is SLOT1A-07CACF65465D324DF8B35DE533AD34A16D83B143. This is a custom track. The special slot ID used for this course is 0x1A and so the correct My Stuff file name for this track would be old_mario_64.szs. The track may be available for download from Wiimm's CT archive at ct.wiimm.de/i/07CACF65465D324DF8B35DE533AD34A16D83B143.

We do not have a name for this course. If you know the name, please do a time trial on this course using CTGP-Revolution and upload the time. Then connect to this database using the CTGP-Revolution channel. You will be prompted to submit a name for the track. We will then moderate these submissions and update the track name manually for this website and the CTGP-Revolution channel.


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