Soul - Player Page

Mii Names
Player ID
37/250 bronze - 9/250 silver - 0/250 gold


Track Time Date Vehicle
Christmas Court - Normal03:20.1592020-09-09Sneakster (Yoshi)
Colour Circuit - Normal01:37.7332020-09-09Sneakster (Yoshi)
Dragonite's Island01:50.1652020-09-09Mach Bike (Yoshi)
Glimmer Express Trains03:12.7252020-09-09Mach Bike (Yoshi)
The Rabbit Hole02:59.4302020-09-09Bullet Bike (Koopa)
Unfinished Mario Circuit - Normal01:25.0422020-09-09Magikruiser (Koopa)
Waluigi's Motocross02:25.0272020-09-10Wild Wing (Yoshi)
Yoshi's Woolly Raceway - Normal02:39.8472020-09-10Wild Wing (Yoshi)
Melody Sanctum - Normal04:06.3342020-09-13Wild Wing (Yoshi)
Suzuka Circuit - Normal03:17.0942020-09-13Wild Wing (Yoshi)
Flying Kingdom - Normal02:57.9332020-09-24Wild Wing (Yoshi)
Infernal Pipeyard03:21.8582020-09-24Wild Wing (Yoshi)
Jiyuu Village - Normal02:49.9542020-09-24Wild Wing (Yoshi)
Koopa Shell Pipeland03:17.6202020-09-24Wild Wing (Yoshi)
Mansion of Madness03:21.9572020-09-24Sprinter (Yoshi)
Misty Ruins - Normal02:30.1772020-09-24Wild Wing (Yoshi)
Mushroom Peaks04:14.4902020-09-24Wild Wing (Yoshi)
Wuhu Mountain01:43.7852020-09-24Wild Wing (Yoshi)
Sky Grove01:52.8712020-09-25Wild Wing (Yoshi)
Athletic Raceway03:41.1492021-02-08Wild Wing (Yoshi)
Camp Kartigan - Normal02:20.5762021-02-08Wild Wing (Yoshi)
Camp Kartigan - Normal (200cc)01:30.7582021-02-08Wild Wing (Yoshi)
Garden of Dreams03:38.1592021-02-08Wild Wing (Yoshi)
Secluded Island - Normal01:33.2882021-02-08Wild Wing (Yoshi)
Sky High Island - Normal03:32.7612021-02-08Wild Wing (Yoshi)
Spectral Station02:23.4592021-02-08Wild Wing (Yoshi)
Windy Whirl02:55.0472021-02-08Wild Wing (Yoshi)
Big Nature City02:30.0872021-03-02Mini Beast (Koopa)
Hell Pyramid - Normal02:49.1812021-03-02Sneakster (Diddy Kong)
Rainbow Road: Solar Edition03:06.1992021-03-02Wild Wing (Yoshi)
Medieval Castlegrounds01:48.0152021-03-03Wild Wing (Yoshi)
Wuhu Island - Normal02:39.2442021-03-03Wild Wing (Yoshi)
Icepeak Mountain - Normal02:01.3682021-03-03Wild Wing (Yoshi)
Icepeak Mountain - Normal (200cc)01:28.9502021-03-03Mini Beast (Koopa)
Wuhu Island - Normal (200cc)01:20.1632021-03-03Mini Beast (Koopa)
Toad Raceway - Normal (200cc)00:49.7362021-03-07Wild Wing (Yoshi)
Six King Labyrinth - Shortcut (200cc)03:01.1592021-03-08Mini Beast (Baby Daisy)
Sky Grove01:10.1372021-03-08Mini Beast (Baby Daisy)
Daisy Circuit01:11.4472021-03-09Mini Beast (Baby Daisy)
DS Airship Fortress01:44.3922021-03-09Mini Beast (Koopa)
Medieval Castlegrounds01:09.7962021-03-11Mini Beast (Baby Daisy)
Colour Circuit - Normal (200cc)00:55.8862021-05-04Wild Wing (Daisy)
Sakura Sanctuary01:14.8462021-05-04Flame Flyer (Funky Kong)
Water Village02:18.6412021-06-15Wild Wing (Yoshi)
Saltwater Lake00:45.4392021-06-15Flame Flyer (Funky Kong)
Dawn Township01:03.9282021-06-18Flame Flyer (Funky Kong)
Forest Creek - Normal (200cc)01:27.2402021-06-18Flame Flyer (Funky Kong)
Cherry Blossom Garden01:47.8032021-06-20Wild Wing (Daisy)