Ac zilla - Player Page

Mii Names
Ac zilla, 6¢ zl, 6¢ zilla, WHT zilla, CTChampion, 6¢ cute, WataS, ICB blacky, Dαιsγ Z, BLK zilla, rent free, barn owl, 6¢ mkw2024, &ºrz zilla
Player ID
38/250 bronze - 35/250 silver - 32/250 gold


Track Time Date Vehicle
Castle of Darkness02:54.6712024-01-18Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Colour Wonderland - Shortcut02:07.7292024-02-01Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Cosmic Grove01:51.6122024-02-01Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Fiery Factory, Fading Frost02:49.4822024-02-01Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Bowser's Castle - Shortcut02:10.1732024-02-12Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
D8594572D92C8E9A261E7227A32E6101D229A79F03:15.4162024-02-12Flame Runner (Dry Bowser)
Final Grounds - No-shortcut02:50.2522024-02-12Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
SNES Rainbow Road01:21.9352024-02-12Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Sunset Forest - Normal01:55.6092024-02-13Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Volcanic Valley - Normal02:22.6812024-02-14Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Volcanic Valley - Glitch02:31.7262024-02-14Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Melting Magma Melee02:41.5562024-02-17Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Rainbow Road: Solar Edition03:17.0572024-03-02Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Strobenz Desert Illusion - No-shortcut02:14.5842024-03-02Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
DK Summit01:49.1142024-03-09Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
GCN Waluigi Stadium - Normal01:49.4582024-03-09Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Blissful Block02:29.5782024-03-09Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
τ-Cryovolcano - No-shortcut01:48.5732024-03-09Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Envenom Snowstorm - Normal02:06.9852024-03-13Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Crystal Dungeon02:10.4802024-03-15Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
The Grand Archives - Normal02:41.2152024-03-18Mach Bike (Daisy)
Moo Moo Meadows - Normal01:16.4182024-04-12Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Wario's Gold Mine - Normal01:50.9622024-04-12Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Daisy Circuit - Normal01:29.9072024-04-12Mach Bike (Daisy)
Rainbow Road - Normal02:28.6272024-04-12Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
DS Yoshi Falls00:59.7282024-04-12Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
SNES Ghost Valley 2 - Normal00:53.3502024-04-12Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
GCN DK Mountain - Shortcut02:05.1692024-04-12Mach Bike (Daisy)
GCN DK Mountain - No-shortcut02:07.3252024-04-12Mach Bike (Daisy)
Colour Wonderland - No-shortcut02:11.9642024-04-12Flame Runner (Funky Kong)