Congratulations to our Ghostfest winners, Myth (aka ~anxiety) (First to 216) and rυsσX (Random chance!)

Ghostfest was a contest that ran from the 29th July 2016 - 29th September 2016 with a chance to win a special CTGP themed Wii console.

If you missed out on the contest, don't worry! There may be other contests in future that you can participate in. Alternatively, if you want to buy one of the special consoles, we are looking into making that a possibility, as many people expressed interest in being able to do so. Stay tuned!

The rules for the Ghostfest contest are still listed below.

The prize is a custom decorated Nintendo Wii games console


  1. All CTGP-R users can be automatically be entered into the competition.
  2. All times must be beaten on the same console to count. Using multiple consoles per player is prohibited.
  3. Ghost data records must be uploaded to the server to count. Times are uploaded automatically by the CTGP-R channel and you can check times have been receieved by connecting to the ghost database in the CTGP-R channel.
  4. The winners will have 1 week after they're announced to come forward and make contact with us. If they fail to do so, another winner will be selected.
  5. Minors must have permission from their responsible adult before giving out their address should they win the competition.
  6. Glitched shortcuts (e.g. on Mushroom Gorge) do not count for the purposes of this competition.
  7. If a track has shortcut/no shortcut categories on the leaderboards you must not use the shortcut route unless the staff ghost data record does.
  8. The use of 'turbo' features on third party controllers is prohibited.
  9. The use of any cheats/hacks, memory editing, TAS tools or any similar tools is prohibited.
  10. We reserve the right to disqualify anyone who we suspect has cheated or who violates the spirit of the competition. This will be at our sole discretion.
The prize is a custom decorated Nintendo Wii games console The prize is a custom decorated Nintendo Wii games console

Prize 1 - First to beat 216

One of the prizes will be awarded to the first person to beat all 216 expert staff ghost data records for the standard custom tracks and upload their times to the server. To qualify as being the expert staff ghost the player must set a faster time without using any ultra-shortcut glitches. If no one manages to beat all 216 ghosts in the allotted time, the person who beat the most will win instead. The two hidden custom tracks do not count; it's just the 216 custom tracks that appear in the default cup layout.

You can track progress of this competition via the leaderboards section of the website.

Prize 2 - Random winner

The other prize will be awarded randomly to someone who has beaten at least 20 expert staff ghost data records. This can be on any track including the original tracks and the hidden ones. Beating more ghosts after 20 will increase your odds of winning, so it's always worth doing more up to maximum chance at 248. The number of times you've beaten can be tracked in the CTGP-R channel as the number of gold stars on the ghost database screen. It can also be tracked by finding your player page on this website.

The expert staff ghost data records will not all be equally hard to beat, so the odds of you winning increase much more if you beat most of the ghosts. The table below shows the relative chance of winning for different amounts of ghosts beaten. Anyone who beats at least 20 can win, but people who beat a lot stand higher chances. You can think of it like a raffle; the table below shows how many tickets you get, then one lucky ticket will win.

Ghosts BeatenChance to Win
201 ×
392 ×
573 ×
744 ×
905 ×
Ghosts BeatenChance to Win
1056 ×
1197 ×
1328 ×
1449 ×
15510 ×
Ghosts BeatenChance to Win
16511 ×
17512 ×
18413 ×
19214 ×
19915 ×
Ghosts BeatenChance to Win
20516 ×
21017 ×
21518 ×
22019 ×
22520 ×
Ghosts BeatenChance to Win
23021 ×
23522 ×
24023 ×
24424 ×
24825 ×