CTWW STATUS: 29 players across 4 rooms.

RoomNumber of playersHost's VRUp TimeJoinableParticipants
Room 110 players7690 VR3:04YesHorseTartº, Nanab, ÀÇÈ, MV Imgay, Alex, ☆ζαch☆, Tsuki, @stllr_, UML, pitAria
Room 25 players7094 VR1:02YesNabrix, Megalith, BF☆Dεmιsξ, ςcοοbγ dοο, ☆Aνεrγ♪
Room 38 players6224 VR57 minutesNo@Jonathan™, Shades, jlog, SETH, Diego, Jake, Maxwell, Αωesomjojδ
Room 46 players5856 VR38 minutesNoavsterbone, νεηο», ηη, TBNRknives, Wolf, Domino

COUNTDOWN STATUS: There are no active Countdown Rooms.

RoomNumber of playersHost's VRUp TimeJoinableParticipants
No rooms!-----

Other CTGP statistics:

  • Players on CTWW: 29 (+1)
  • Players on Countdown: 0
  • Most ever players in CTWW at once: 108
  • Most ever players in Countdown at once: 55
  • Most ever CTWW rooms at once: 15
  • Most ever Countdown rooms at once: 7
  • Longest ever logged CTWW: 35 hours, 49 minutes
  • Longest ever logged Countdown Room: 18 hours, 16 minutes
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