D'x◇rr - Player Page

Mii Names
D'x◇rr, そう、われらがD'x, DeathXmas, Dy#Satone, D'x*XF
Player ID
11/250 bronze - 10/250 silver - 8/250 gold


Track Time Date Vehicle
DK Summit01:53.8632018-01-05Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Maple Treeway - Normal02:19.5202018-03-06Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Grumble Volcano - Shortcut01:39.6272018-03-10Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Grumble Volcano - No-shortcut01:55.8542018-03-10Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Bowser's Castle - No-shortcut02:23.5822017-12-22Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
GCN Waluigi Stadium - Normal01:55.8472018-01-05Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
TF (No Sound Triggers)01:50.7902016-10-28Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
BassBasher City - Normal02:01.3402016-12-15Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Castle of Time - Normal03:25.6552016-12-16Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Cookie Village01:47.2682017-01-02Flame Flyer (Funky Kong)
Crystal Dungeon02:18.7802017-01-01Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
District 6502:12.6022016-12-16Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Dreamworld Cloudway03:06.0432016-12-16Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
DS Figure-8 Circuit01:38.2562016-12-15Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Incendia Castle - No-shortcut03:23.9702017-01-11Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Melting Magma Melee04:10.5282017-10-29Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Mushroom Peaks03:48.0412016-12-19Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Mushroom Valley02:29.7802016-12-11Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Rainbow Road: Solar Edition03:23.1662017-02-18Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
River of Dreams01:58.5322017-01-06Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Undiscovered Offlimit02:12.2252016-12-16Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Wetland Woods01:49.2492016-12-16Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
SNES Ghost Valley 2 - Normal (200cc)00:40.9402020-09-25Flame Runner (Funky Kong)