T.N◆Lilith - Player Page

Mii Names
T.N◆Lilith, *+Lilith+*, *+Lιlιθ+*, ιιτh™ν④, Lilith◆LG, Ddd
Player ID
85/250 bronze - 77/250 silver - 12/250 gold


Track Time Date Vehicle
ASDF_Course01:48.7912016-12-29Mach Bike (Daisy)
Aura Metropolis - Normal02:32.2662017-06-18Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Autumn Leavesway01:14.6052017-06-17Flame Runner (Rosalina)
Castle of Time - Normal03:30.9102017-04-30Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Concord Town02:11.0872017-07-01Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Crystal Dungeon02:23.0342017-04-03Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
CTR Cortex Castle02:39.5312017-06-03Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
District 6502:11.6612017-02-11Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
GCN Baby Park01:13.9562017-06-18Bullet Bike (Baby Daisy)
Glimmer Express Trains03:28.9842017-06-18Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
GP Mario Beach02:45.9032017-01-06Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Heart of China02:25.5512017-04-06Mach Bike (Daisy)
Jungle Cliff - Normal02:55.6462016-12-29Mach Bike (Daisy)
Kartwood Creek01:59.0752016-12-29Mach Bike (Daisy)
Mushroom Peaks04:08.4572017-06-02Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Mushroom Valley02:41.5832017-06-02Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Pipe Underworld02:50.6932017-04-03Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Rainbow Road: Solar Edition03:40.9072017-01-02Mach Bike (Daisy)
Sky Shrine02:53.4472016-12-29Mach Bike (Daisy)
Subspace Factory - Shortcut02:37.3702017-06-24Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Sunset Forest02:22.2732016-12-29Mach Bike (Daisy)
Toad Raceway01:16.1282017-04-03Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Dreamworld Cloudway - Normal03:11.0802017-10-08Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Alpine Peak03:23.7012017-11-05Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
DK Ruins02:34.8042017-11-05Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Castle of Darkness03:09.6252017-12-03Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Final Grounds03:19.9272017-12-03Mach Bike (Daisy)
Flying Kingdom02:46.9362017-12-03Mach Bike (Daisy)
Marble Towers - Normal03:22.6032017-12-03Mach Bike (Daisy)
Spike Desert02:22.4952017-12-03Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Thwomp Swamp02:00.7962017-12-03Mach Bike (Daisy)
19A94C89616C945F72B2CC287C951B17B693768001:50.0532018-04-15Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
DS Desert Hills - No-shortcut (200cc)01:08.6082019-01-06Mach Bike (Daisy)
SNES Ghost Valley 2 - Normal (200cc)00:38.5322019-01-06Bullet Bike (Baby Daisy)
Dreamworld Cloudway - Normal (200cc)02:13.1732019-01-10Mach Bike (Daisy)
02381852F6F9B1E3709F3AFCEC14C05EC94390E202:07.0072019-07-27Quacker (Baby Peach)
ASDF_Course01:13.0072019-07-30Flame Flyer (Funky Kong)
GCN Rainbow Road03:13.3162019-07-31Cheep Charger (Baby Daisy)
Bowser's Castle - No-shortcut (200cc)01:55.6972019-08-03Wild Wing (Daisy)
DS Figure-8 Circuit01:06.3392019-08-10Flame Flyer (Funky Kong)
Icecream Sweetland02:17.9282019-08-12Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Dawn Township01:36.6322019-08-12Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Underground Sky - Normal02:13.0782019-08-13Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
GCN Mario Circuit - Normal01:41.2602019-08-15Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
DK Summit02:04.7242019-08-15Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Grumble Volcano - Glitch00:48.8732019-08-15Mach Bike (Daisy)
Moonview Highway02:00.5542019-08-15Mach Bike (Daisy)
GCN DK Mountain - No-shortcut02:19.3492019-08-15Mach Bike (Daisy)
N64 Bowser's Castle - No-shortcut02:48.7782019-08-15Mach Bike (Daisy)
GBA Bowser Castle 3 - Shortcut02:16.1122019-08-17Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Castle of Time - Normal (200cc)02:26.7542019-08-18Mach Bike (Daisy)
Six King Labyrinth - Shortcut03:24.6822019-08-30Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Six King Labyrinth - Shortcut (200cc)02:52.6072019-08-30Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Aquadrom Stage02:37.8952019-08-31Flame Runner (Funky Kong)