Original Track Leaderboards

This page shows leaderboards for the original 32 tracks of Mario Kart Wii. These leaderboards show many times that were created before CTGP Revolution, some of which do not have ghost data. As such, we can never be sure that they are 100% accurate, but we believe them to be as accurate as possible. One complication is that over the years, many people have cheated to get times faster than they would otherwise be able to achieve. We have tried to remove all times where this is known to have occurred, but again we can never be 100% sure to have removed them all.

For tracking the fastest times, an excellent alternative to the leaderboards on this page is at mkwrs.com. That listing only displays world record times and is manually updated, so sometimes takes a bit longer to include a new record. It includes times set outside CTGP-Revolution by trusted racers from the community who are believed not to be cheating. We aim to have the same times as that website on these leaderboards, but we are sometimes out of date for times set outside of CTGP-Revolution. We recommend as many people as possible use CTGP-Revolution for world record time trial attempts because times set in CTGP-Revolution are more widely trusted than times set without, because it is much harder to detect cheated times. World records from new racers who do not use CTGP-Revolution are generally treated with great suspicion and mistrust, and may never be included on mkwrs.com or this website.

Track Ghost Count Unique Player Count Popularity Last Changed Fastest Time Record Set
Luigi Circuit1031524272032018-07-2001:08.8872018-04-25
Moo Moo Meadows575516241142018-07-2001:15.6912018-04-16
Mushroom Gorge - Normal624519201612018-07-1901:41.2562018-05-17
Mushroom Gorge - Glitch2363571352018-07-1900:24.7992018-06-27
Toad's Factory752916581272018-07-2001:49.3262018-03-31
Mario Circuit - Normal514613781062018-07-2001:20.9122018-06-07
Mario Circuit - Glitch638219182018-07-1900:53.5922015-01-22
Coconut Mall - Shortcut1192842018-07-1801:45.2192018-04-14
Coconut Mall - Glitch1667386182018-07-2000:31.6152018-07-15
Coconut Mall - No-shortcut491613251052018-07-2001:55.7932018-05-12
DK Summit438516291082018-07-1901:45.6292018-06-16
Wario's Gold Mine - Normal2488789612018-07-1901:50.7782017-09-02
Wario's Gold Mine - Glitch1626567302018-07-2000:32.3512018-05-06
Daisy Circuit35141057942018-07-2001:28.9092017-06-20
Koopa Cape3104997782018-07-2002:18.4942018-01-18
Maple Treeway - Normal2658896622018-07-1902:15.6392018-05-24
Maple Treeway - Glitch3316842018-07-1801:57.9252018-05-06
Grumble Volcano - Shortcut1671650462018-07-2001:33.2102018-05-12
Grumble Volcano - Glitch34381066712018-07-2000:18.8942017-06-03
Grumble Volcano - No-shortcut2168495412018-07-2001:52.2112018-03-24
Dry Dry Ruins36211149752018-07-2001:47.3072018-07-12
Moonview Highway2445863632018-07-2001:43.3162016-03-06
Bowser's Castle - Shortcut1423398272018-07-1902:09.3462018-06-23
Bowser's Castle - No-shortcut44951163912018-07-2002:21.0732018-07-19
Rainbow Road - Normal2280889572018-07-2002:24.9942016-02-20
Rainbow Road - Glitch371652018-07-1902:32.8022018-07-16
GCN Peach Beach - Normal42549251192018-07-2001:12.8402018-07-06
GCN Peach Beach - Glitch2074122018-07-0201:00.6612017-01-12
DS Yoshi Falls730912791022018-07-2000:58.8442018-06-01
SNES Ghost Valley 2 - Normal1044719291872018-07-2000:52.8262018-07-09
SNES Ghost Valley 2 - Glitch29210582018-07-1700:51.3192015-06-26
N64 Mario Raceway46271373912018-07-2001:41.4792018-03-25
N64 Sherbet Land - Normal2222700562018-07-1902:03.9212018-06-09
N64 Sherbet Land - Glitch531902018-06-1501:43.1332017-12-04
GBA Shy Guy Beach3500766682018-07-1901:21.5722017-11-05
DS Delfino Square600615831022018-07-2002:04.4672018-05-06
GCN Waluigi Stadium - Normal37451167862018-07-2001:48.8082018-06-21
GCN Waluigi Stadium - Glitch27412018-07-1301:59.3922017-08-29
DS Desert Hills - Shortcut2507892018-07-1901:32.0652018-06-30
DS Desert Hills - No-shortcut2577654412018-07-1901:34.7872017-04-19
GBA Bowser Castle 3 - Shortcut24021067612018-07-2001:58.0172018-05-10
GBA Bowser Castle 3 - No-shortcut1596641302018-07-1902:16.8732016-05-15
N64 DK's Jungle Parkway - Shortcut27414042018-07-2002:09.5312018-03-31
N64 DK's Jungle Parkway - Glitch4522942018-07-1500:45.2802017-01-14
N64 DK's Jungle Parkway - No-shortcut2063701432018-07-2002:11.5852017-08-20
GCN Mario Circuit37641016722018-07-2001:30.7982015-03-28
SNES Mario Circuit 3843514571112018-07-2001:17.9522018-03-01
DS Peach Gardens2453802792018-07-2001:59.3172018-07-02
GCN DK Mountain - Shortcut297135132018-07-1801:59.8522018-02-28
GCN DK Mountain - No-shortcut2132883692018-07-2002:05.5592018-07-07
N64 Bowser's Castle - Shortcut7332018-07-1402:34.5192018-07-14
N64 Bowser's Castle - No-shortcut32481032662018-07-1902:30.9912015-10-10