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Mii Names
unicon, CCmarvMD, barry, AAmarvMD, DDmarvMD, BBmarvMD, BB Marv, simpsorama, CcmarvMD, Ainsley, tanya, Lexi, cardshark
United States
Player ID
213/250 bronze - 208/250 silver - 44/250 gold


Track Time Date Vehicle
Mario Circuit - Normal (200cc)01:04.8052020-01-26Mach Bike (Daisy)
Abyssal Ruins02:25.8072020-01-23Mach Bike (Daisy)
Aquadrom Stage - Normal02:34.7312020-01-26Mach Bike (Daisy)
Blackrose Castle - Normal02:57.4872020-01-30Mach Bike (Daisy)
Candy Coaster - Normal02:54.1652020-02-18Mach Bike (Daisy)
Castle of Darkness03:30.5652020-02-09Mach Bike (Daisy)
Cherry Blossom Garden - Normal03:04.3912020-01-23Mach Bike (Daisy)
Cherry Blossom Garden - Normal (200cc)02:15.7942020-02-21Mach Bike (Daisy)
Christmas Court - Normal02:41.7192020-02-21Mach Bike (Daisy)
Comet Starway02:21.0222020-02-21Mach Bike (Daisy)
Cool Castle Canyon - Normal02:20.0332020-02-18Mach Bike (Daisy)
Coral Cape01:19.5952020-02-18Mach Bike (Daisy)
Cottonplant Forest01:53.2412020-01-26Mach Bike (Daisy)
CTR Blizzard Bluff - Normal02:05.8962020-01-26Mach Bike (Daisy)
CTR Cortex Castle02:54.3942020-02-28Mach Bike (Daisy)
Daisy Hillside01:37.2382020-01-26Mach Bike (Daisy)
Desert Castle Raceway03:24.5742020-02-18Mach Bike (Daisy)
Desert Mushroom Ruins02:27.0602020-01-26Mach Bike (Daisy)
DK Ruins02:38.6062020-01-26Mach Bike (Daisy)
DKR Star City - Normal02:12.9992020-01-30Mach Bike (Daisy)
DS Airship Fortress02:15.6262020-03-07Mach Bike (Daisy)
DS DK Pass02:45.9022020-02-21Mach Bike (Daisy)
DS Figure-8 Circuit01:07.5082020-02-21Mach Bike (Daisy)
DS Waluigi Pinball02:35.1512020-02-21Mach Bike (Daisy)
DS Wario Stadium02:38.1532020-03-07Mach Bike (Daisy)
Fishdom Island02:20.7592020-02-21Mach Bike (Daisy)
Galaxy Base02:42.4632020-01-27Mach Bike (Daisy)
GBA Luigi Circuit02:23.5762020-02-21Mach Bike (Daisy)
GBA Mario Circuit01:33.3782020-02-21Mach Bike (Daisy)
GBA Riverside Park02:02.7882020-02-21Mach Bike (Daisy)
GBA Snow Land02:39.1722020-02-23Mach Bike (Daisy)
GCN Luigi Circuit01:32.2612020-02-23Mach Bike (Daisy)
GCN Mushroom Bridge01:50.9992020-03-07Mach Bike (Daisy)
GCN Mushroom City - Normal01:37.4392020-03-07Mach Bike (Daisy)
GCN Wario Colosseum - Normal02:58.1272020-02-02Mach Bike (Daisy)
GCN Yoshi Circuit02:12.7632020-02-18Mach Bike (Daisy)
Glimmer Express Trains03:36.5352020-02-22Mach Bike (Daisy)
Green Park - Normal01:56.0712020-02-18Magikruiser (Toadette)
Halogen Highway - Normal (200cc)04:07.6542020-02-21Mach Bike (Daisy)
Heart of China - Normal02:31.3442020-02-12Mach Bike (Daisy)
Hellado Mountain03:14.4702020-02-22Mach Bike (Daisy)
Honeybee Hideout - Normal03:05.9782020-01-31Mach Bike (Daisy)
Item Fireland02:27.3372020-01-26Mach Bike (Daisy)