Luke - Player Page

Mii Names
Player ID
57/250 bronze - 42/250 silver - 10/250 gold


Track Time Date Vehicle
ASDF_Course01:44.3662018-06-26Mach Bike (Daisy)
GBA Cheep Cheep Island02:30.5482018-06-26Dolphin Dasher (Daisy)
Jungle Cliff - Normal02:47.9982018-06-26Mach Bike (Daisy)
Sky Shrine02:54.7572018-06-26Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Sunset Forest02:14.8302018-06-26Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Super Sky Courtyard03:32.9912018-06-26Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Cookie Village01:54.7652018-06-27Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
CTR Cortex Castle02:43.6782018-06-27Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Dark Matter Shrine02:19.0222018-06-27Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Delfino Island - Normal02:46.8792018-06-27Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
GBA Broken Pier01:51.5942018-06-27Mach Bike (Daisy)
Six King Labyrinth - Shortcut03:26.5312018-06-27Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Six King Labyrinth - No-shortcut03:33.1962018-06-27Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Twin Peaks03:24.5812018-06-27Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
GP Mario Beach02:37.9672018-06-29Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Heart of China02:26.2142018-06-29Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
GBA Rainbow Road (2)02:40.7822018-06-30Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
DS Figure-8 Circuit01:32.8132018-07-01Spear (Funky Kong)
DS Waluigi Pinball - Shortcut02:38.6902018-07-01Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
DS Waluigi Pinball - No-shortcut02:32.5082018-07-01Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
GCN Daisy Cruiser01:58.9862018-07-01Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
N64 Yoshi Valley02:38.1902018-07-01Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
The Rabbit Hole03:41.5432018-07-01Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Aquadrom Stage02:42.5152018-07-01Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Cliff Village - No-shortcut01:18.4632018-07-01Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Colour Wonderland02:12.4932018-07-01Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
DS Shroom Ridge02:09.3952018-07-01Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
GCN Baby Park01:12.0892018-07-01Bullet Bike (Baby Daisy)
Kirio Raceway - Normal02:18.9932018-07-01Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
SADX Twinkle Circuit03:20.2862018-07-01Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Blue Loop - Normal01:48.7592018-07-01Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Red Loop01:51.3592018-07-01Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Desert Mushroom Ruins02:17.6142018-07-03Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
GBA Lakeside Park02:53.1642018-07-03Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Mushroom Island - Normal02:28.3152018-07-03Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Rezway01:53.6942018-07-03Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Sandcastle Park - Normal02:04.4432018-07-03Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Calidae Desert03:22.7652018-07-03Mach Bike (Daisy)
Sea Stadium - Normal02:59.4212018-07-03Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Snowy Circuit - Normal01:39.6752018-07-03Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
N64 Royal Raceway - Normal03:18.2432018-08-15Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Summer Starville - Normal01:47.5082018-08-15Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Sunset Circuit - Normal02:06.5092018-08-15Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Undiscovered Offlimit02:09.8592018-08-16Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Desktop Dash02:18.9522018-11-04Mach Bike (Daisy)
GCN Mario Circuit - Normal01:39.0712018-12-20Mach Bike (Daisy)
Luncheon Tour01:56.9932018-12-20Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
GCN Peach Beach - Normal (200cc)00:53.7892019-01-07Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
GBA Bowser Castle 3 - Shortcut (200cc)01:51.0342019-01-07Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
SNES Ghost Valley 2 - Normal (200cc)00:37.7072019-01-07Mach Bike (Daisy)
N64 Bowser's Castle - No-shortcut (200cc)01:51.9252019-01-09Mach Bike (Daisy)
F-Zero White Land 101:39.6692019-01-10Mach Bike (Daisy)
Mushroom Gorge - Normal (200cc)01:20.9332019-01-10Mach Bike (Daisy)
Cookie Village01:23.4262019-01-12Mach Bike (Daisy)
GCN Mario Circuit - Normal (200cc)01:09.7822019-04-30Mach Bike (Daisy)
Shy Guy's Market01:28.6642019-04-30Mach Bike (Daisy)
SADX Twinkle Circuit02:17.3102019-04-30Mach Bike (Daisy)
GP Mario Beach01:48.5692019-05-01Mach Bike (Daisy)
N64 Banshee Boardwalk02:34.4892019-05-01Mach Bike (Daisy)
N64 Choco Mountain02:39.4452019-05-01Mach Bike (Daisy)
Grumble Volcano - Shortcut (200cc)01:23.4532019-05-12Mach Bike (Daisy)
DS Delfino Square01:37.5312019-05-12Mach Bike (Daisy)
Luigi Circuit00:47.7352019-05-12Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Sunset Circuit01:13.6642019-05-12Mach Bike (Daisy)
Coconut Mall - Shortcut (200cc)01:17.5702019-05-16Mach Bike (Daisy)
CTR Blizzard Bluff - Normal02:00.4262019-05-20Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
CTR Blizzard Bluff - Normal (200cc)01:18.4402019-05-20Mach Bike (Daisy)
MH (No Sound Triggers)01:16.8922019-05-20Mach Bike (Daisy)